Cryptocurrency Is Not Just About Trading

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Cryptocurrency Is Not Just About Trading

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is still fairly new, but it doesn’t take long to grab attention and gain the trust of many people as a modern and contemporary investment medium.

But in line with that, there are many things related to knowledge about cryptocurrency that must be delivered by smaller communities. Specialized communities where everyday communication languages ​​do not use English.

One of the many things unknown to communities in developing regions is cryptocurrency not just about trading. But so many things about cryptocurrency that have to know.

Many people are reluctant to learn about cryptocurrency because they think that cryptocurrency is an expensive thing that cannot be affordable. That is because their minds are fixed on Bitcoin as soon as they try to be introduced to cryptocurrency.

The concept of investment without spending money, such as cryptocurrency mining with games or creating content, these things should be shared with people who have economic difficulties.

Blockchain-based social media like Steem is what should be introduced massively. The blockchain is not only for blogging, but even vlogging, and gaming.

In terms of education, cryptocurrency will be enough to help students to earn additional income for their education costs. They can use their social media activities as usual for activities in various Steem Dapps that will change lives.

Our hope is that more and more experts and blockchain will continue to disseminate and teach about mining cryptocurrency through social media that is able to change many things, including in terms of financial freedom.

Definisi Luka and The Team.

Instagram & Twitter: @definisiluka

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