Good Foods for Post-Workout and Anti-Aging at Once. Let’s Find Out With Us!

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Good Foods for Post-Workout and Anti-Aging at Once. Let’s Find Out With Us!

Good exercise must also be accompanied by good nutrition after exercise. This is related to the physical activity that we do. In general, our muscles run out of glycogen after exercise, and also the protein in the muscle is damaged.

It is very important to rebuild the damage or replenish glycogen in the muscles. That’s why we have to eat the right foods after exercising.

If we lack nutrition after exercise, the benefits of exercise that we do will not be maximal and even reduce our body fitness because the muscles in our body do not succeed in recovery.

Combine Carbohydrates and Protein

Experts believe that delaying carbohydrate consumption for two hours after exercising can cause glycogen synthesis levels to be 50% lower. This is because our body’s ability to rebuild glycogen and protein is increased immediately after we exercise.

It is recommended to eat foods with good nutrition within 45 minutes after exercising.

Eating after exercise with a combination of protein and carbohydrates will increase glycogen storage and muscle protein synthesis

The combination of several foods at once after exercising will give us the nutrients the body needs while rebuilding our good mood.

Samples of Nutritious and Anti-Aging Foods

There are several benefits of food ingredients that can function as anti-aging as well as being an important source of nutrition after exercise.

The following are examples of good foods:

Egg omelet with avocado spread on toast.

Who doesn’t like omelets and avocados? This simple and easy-to-make food turns out to be very good for consumption after exercise and is able to be anti-aging at once!

Eggs contain good protein for rebuilding damaged muscles after exercise.

Meanwhile, avocado has high vitamin A to help shed dead skin cells, making the skin smooth and supple, accompanied by fatty acid content that can prevent inflammation.

In addition, the carotenoid content in avocados can also help prevent toxins and sun damage.

Salmon with Sweet Potato and Brocolli or Spinach

Salmon is very easy to combine with other vegetables. Delicious and full of benefits.

Combining salmon with Sweet Potato and broccoli can be the right choice for nutritious food after exercise and helps you stay young.

Salmon contains good protein consumed after exercise.

Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene which is good for restoring skin elasticity and accelerates skin cell turnover so the skin looks young.

Sweet potatoes are also rich in sources of vitamins C and E which protect skin from free radicals and keep our skin glowing.

Then, what about the spinach component in food after you exercise?

Spinach also contains high vitamin C which increases collagen production. This can make our skin stay tight and smooth.

Vitamin K in spinach is also believed to help reduce inflammation.

Those are some examples of good food to consume after exercising and also good as anti-aging.

These foods are also common enough so that they are easily prepared.

Healthy and youthful, do not miss the opportunity to consume these foods rich in healthy and beauty benefits.


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