Hot Day is the Time for Homemade Ice Cream

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Hot Day is the Time for Homemade Ice Cream

The weather is hot and you are lazy to go out home? It’s time we can enjoy home-made ice cream. No need to worry if it will take your time to make it. We will give you tips for making simple homemade ice cream.

The good news, this ice cream is made using only fruit and vegan milk. This time we used bananas and soy milk. You can change the type of fruit and milk as you want to.

Banana ICE2.jpg

How to make it very easy. We only need a stock of fruit that has been frozen one night, then we blender it with milk.

Frozen Banana.jpg
Bananas and Soy Milk.jpg

After the frozen fruit and milk are blended. Then put the mixture in the freezer again for an hour.

Blend Banana.jpg
Banana ICE5.jpg

Well done. We can already enjoy home-made ice cream.

Banana ICE6.jpg

An important tip is that we can make more frozen fruit stock making it easier for us to make ice cream and not have to wait one night for frozen fruit preparation.

Banana ICE.jpg

So are you ready to try home-made ice cream? Good luck!

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