Romantic Conversation of Lovers in the “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

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Romantic Conversation of Lovers in the “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

What makes a song so deep in memory and become popular? We can say that because the stories that bind the lyrics are connected with beautiful tones.

But behind all that there is an important role “voice” of the singer itself. The voice referred to here is not only about the strains of the tone but about what is the deepest meaning that the singer wants to convey.

Shallow is a romantic song that will make us listen to more than just songs, but a deeply romantic story that the two singers want to convey, namely Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

About Shallow

Shallow was written by Lady Gaga along with three other songwriters, Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt.

The song Shallow cannot be separated from the popular movie “A Star Is Born”. Shallow is the main single for the musical drama movie soundtrack in 2018.

The film also stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. That’s why pieces of the scene from “A Star Is Born” and also sound in the movie also fill in the song.

If we listen to the song Shallow while watching the video clip, then we will be fascinated with the chemistry of Lady Gaga and Bradley.

What is actually the biggest “magic” that is in this song so that this song can make our hearts melt and feel a deep romance?

Shallow Is An Intense of Lovers Dialogue

The conversation is arguably a natural thing to happen in this life. But, often good conversations are difficult because they fail to understand each other.

In Shallow, we can see how Gaga and Bradley very cute and sweet show that they managed to understand each other’s dialogue even though through song.

Gaga said in an interview with Variety, that the conversation was an important point that made the Shallow song a success.

“To me, that conversation is what makes the song successful and beautiful and why people cry when they hear it. It’s because that man and woman connect, and they are listening to each other.” – Via Cosmopolitan

Shallow begins with the lyrics of Bradley who asked Gaga about how her life. Similarly, the next lyrics turn to Gaga who asked Bradley.

In essence, this song talks about the conversation of two people who understand each other deeper to stay away from the “shallow” area. They want to find security by staying away from “shallow”.

Based on interviews conducted on Radio Beats 1, this is the meaning of the lyrics to the song *Shallow*:

“Lady Gaga shed more light on the lyrics of this tune. According to her, the lyrics focus on two individuals “talking to each other” about their burning desire to “dive into the deep” and be as far away from the “shallow area” as possible. She went on to refer to the song as a very special one. Gaga also revealed that the tune was made for the characters Ally and Jackson from the film A Star Is Born.”
Via Song Meanings and Facts

Indeed, the song Shallow was specifically made to fill a movie also played by Gaga and Bradley. That’s why for those who have not watched the movie, will be more interested in wanting to watch after listening to the song Shallow.

Conversely, people who have seen the entire movie “A Star Is Born” will increasingly like the song Shallow because they can not forget the deep character Gaga and Bradley in the film.

This is why Shallow became a popular duet song because listeners like to enjoy the romance that is presented in it and some people present themselves in the song, and crave romantic sides.

Honesty is the most romantic thing in a relationship

Hasil gambar untuk shallow
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

If we delve deeper into the meaning of the song Shallow, then we will find a representation of comfort that results in romantic things that melt our hearts.

Honesty is an important aspect that gives success to a lover’s communication. In the movie “A Star Is Born” we will also be treated to many problems that are present because they are unable to be honest, including being honest with yourself.

Often we find it difficult, to be honest, and difficult to be ourselves because we are blinded by “inner demons” and blinded by careers.

So, the moment of dialogue on Shallow is to ask questions and get honest answers. We can see in their eyes, there is a story there that binds not only the two of them but also binds us listeners/visionaries.

We are involved in the romance of the song. It’s a touching song like the love story of Ally and Jackson in the film A Star Is Born.


Heart touching, easy to remember, and beautiful lyrics offering a deep message, it made us give 4/5 stars for this pop song.


Shallow holds an intense message of how lovers must understand more deeply in every conversation that takes place, besides those lovers also must work together, together to give each other a sense of security and understand each other.

This romantic song that reaches the top song on various charts in more than ten countries is very decanted for you to listen to with your loved ones.

Shallow also won an Oscar for Best Original Song.

So, if you are wanting to listen to a song that makes you drift into the romance of lovers, then listen Shallow that will make you rethink whether you have succeeded in understanding the loved one.

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