Sit Less and Walk More to Be More Healthy and Focused in the Office

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Sit Less and Walk More to Be More Healthy and Focused in the Office

Office workers are considered to have no healthy lifestyle because they spend a lot of time sitting, and are around the office with a fairly hard work deadline.

Office workers usually sit more, even spend more than 8 hours a day moreover often work more time to meet deadline targets.

Productivity Decreases

It took too long to sit which could eventually lead to various health and mental problems. Not only is health declining, but workers who sit a lot will also experience a decrease in focus and loss of creativity.

Being in an office area filled with computers and the absence of open space makes it difficult for the brain to think creatively. This is compounded by overtime that is often done by workers.

This resulted in a decline in performance and not the emergence of new ideas.

Make a Way to Healthy Your Own Version

Working in an office is indeed full of regulatory pressure. Workers often do not have time to do other activities in the morning for fear of being late at the office, and salary can be reduced.

Similarly, when he arrived at the office, there were not many things that could be done other than just sitting at the computer.

A simple way to anticipate this is to walk more before you arrive at the office and use the time as much as possible in the office to walk.

Walk more from a location far from the office

When going to work, try to stop your vehicle in a location that is a bit away from the office. If you have your own vehicle, you must look for strategic parking. If you ride public transportation, then it’s better and you can get off in a location a little far from the office.

Similarly, the time when going home. Try to ride the vehicle, not in front of the office, but walk longer. Enjoy the situation in the area around your office.

Invite your friends so that you are more excited!

Don’t Forget to Exercise Regularly

When you go to work it is a good time to exercise longer. Don’t think about your vacation time just to sleep!

Before you enjoy your holiday working by relaxing, take the time to exercise with more movement so that your body stays healthy, and your mind will return to fresh to produce creative ideas.

Remember that your health is more important than your job. If your body is sick, of course you can get fired from your company!

So, live healthy by exercising regularly for better productivity and creativity!

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